Sep 3, 2019

Culture and attitude are key to a maturing security strategy

Healthcare organizations can improve their approach to data security by ridding themselves of the push-pull between compliance and information technology, and ensuring everyone rows in the same direction. That’s the opinion of two Altruista experts who recently convened a webinar on the enterprise approach to data security.


There’s a world of difference between complying with regulations and guidelines because you have to, and wanting to do so because it’s the right thing to do, according to Brad Kuebler, VP of technology operations, and Adam Birnbaum, Chief Compliance Officer and Associate Vice President, security and risk controls. That comes down to a culture receptive to change and one that enables “creative sparks” between compliance, security and IT.


These areas need to learn to speak each other’s language and involve people in problem-solving. Birnbaum and Kuebler worked closely on Altruista’s recent achievement of Certified status for information security by HITRUST for its GuidingCare population health management solution suite, its Reston, Virginia headquarters, and its Hyderabad, India development center. Aligning organizational infrastructure with compliance efforts made the process a team effort for every person among 450 Altruista staff over a three-year period of rigorous preparation.


Guidelines and Guardrails

Part of the webinar focused on having a culture of change, and that means an organization does not rest on its laurels. HITRUST is not a one-time achievement. A process like working toward HITRUST certification matures an organization, and that means continuous vigilance and ongoing improvement, the experts said.


They noted that while healthcare seems besieged by regulations, the “guidelines and guardrails” do serve to push the industry forward. Despite the mandatory nature of regulations, healthcare organizations should not view them as a “thou must do,” but as a “want to do.” It’s all in how you think about partnership and culture.


To learn more about the culture and partnership approach that made HITRUST possible for Altruista, along with viewpoints on vendors, customers and enterprise cloud security, watch the webinar